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Gala Information

Arnold Swimming Club compete in a number of Leagues during the calendar year:

Notts ASA Stage 1 Trophy Gala (Spring)
ages 8 to 11
Notts ASA Stage 1 Trophy Gala (Autumn)
ages 8 to 11
Notts ASA Stage 2 Gala League
ages 9 to Open
Notts ASA Stage 3 Gala League
ages 10 to Open
National Swimming League
ages 11 to Open
Sports Centre League
ages 9 to Open

In addition to League fixtures the Club enter Invitation Galas hosted by other clubs

Arnold also holds Annual Galas for all club members. These are held in the Autumn (October-November). These "Club Championships" are open for ALL members to enter and we encourage ALL swimmers to enter as many events as they can.

Finally, swimmers are also encouraged to enter the Nottinghamshire County Championships, held in the Spring and Winter of each year, and Open Galas. These include the Leander Open, Falcon Open, Northern Open, Dukeries Open, Worksop Open, Retford Open, Radford Open and many more.

For a report and results of each Gala you need to be a member and log in to the Members Area.

Stage 1 Trophy Galas

There will be two Stage 1 Trophy galas a year, one in January the other in December. These galas are for the following age groups 8, 9, 10 and 11 and combined age groups of 8/9 and 10/11 for the relays. The age of the swimmer is that of the date of the gala. Races will be over 50 metres except for the 8yr old Butterfly which is 25m and the Cannon relay. For those that have never seen a Cannon relay they normally alternate between boy and girl through the age groups. Starting with the youngest swimmers and finishing with the older swimmers completing the relay.

Stage 2 League Galas

There will be 3 galas in this league, 1 per month March, April and May. All races will be over 50metres Individual swims and relay legs, except for the inclusion of a 200m Individual Medley in the oldest age group, also the Cannon relay is 25m per swimmer. There will be 4 age groups, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 and Open (15 years upwards), age of swimmers will be as the date of the final gala in the league in May.

Stage 3 League Galas

Once again there are 3 galas in this league, commencing shortly after the summer break in September through to October, age of swimmers as of the final gala. Three age groups 10/11, 12/13 and 14/Over. The swims are over 100metres in all 4 strokes, also 100m Individual Medley for the 10/11 year group and 200m Individual Medley for the 12/13 year and 14/Over. All relays are 50 metre x 4 swimmers, (except the Cannon relay which is 6 swimmers alternating girl/boy).

National Arena League

This is the top level league in which we compete as a team. As its name suggests it is a national league that is split into regions, we compete in the West Midland region. This usually involves travelling on a coach to venues throughout the midlands. Age groups are as follows 11/under, 13/under, 15/under and open (16plus), age of swimmer as of 31st December. This League takes place towards the end of the year October, November and December, 3 galas one each month. There are divisions within this league, presently (2011) we are in Division 2! There are 24 teams in this division and promotion or relegation dependent on finishing position at end of year.

Sports Centre League

This league differs from all the others that we compete in, as it is not run by Notts ASA, and is run in different Format. There are 3 Divisions each comprising of teams (usually 6) that compete against each other at each of the rounds. There is promotion and relegation through these Divisions at the end of the year. There are either 5 or 6 galas dependent on calendar through the year and the age for the galas changes during summer break. Age categories are 9's relays, 11/under, 13/under, 15/under, open (16plus). Relays are mixed boys and girls for the 9 years, also for the Cannon relay (20 swimmers - 10boys/10girls). Remaining relays separate gender and age group relays.