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Arnold Swimming Club is run by a team of volunteers. Without volunteers not only would Arnold Swimming Club not be run but the majority of swimming clubs and competitions would not exist.
Arnold Swimming Club would like to thank all of its volunteers for everything they do.

What our Volunteers Do

Volunteers at Arnold do a variety of different things. Out main focus is what everyone sees and that is from the coaches to the team managers and officials that you see all of the time on poolside. However, there are a number of things we do behind the scenes to allow the club to run. We have people who volunteer on the club desk, people who keep track of the clubs finances, order the club kit and run this website. All of these roles are done within the club by people who give up their free time so that the club can function.

Not only do our volunteers help out at the club, but many of our volunteers also give up their time volunteering at a district, regional and national levels in ways of our officials.

Do Volunteers get any benifits?

As Volunteers we do not get any direct benifits other than pure satisfaction. However, outside of the club, our volunteers do get together for social events.

If you volunteer at the club we will support you and encourage you to become a qualified volunteer, either as a Swimming Teacher/Coach or as an official.
From time to time Arnold Swimming Club or other local clubs will hold courses for volunteers to attend to become qualified in coaching swimming.
These courses are in diferent stages from becoming a Poolside Helper through the Levels of Assistant Teacher, ASA Teacher and becoming a qualified Swimming Club Coach
We also hold courses constantly throughout the year for volunteers to become officials.
As with coaching there are a number of levels of officials from a Club Time Keeper, through the different Judging Levels up to a Referee. Click here for more Information.

Become a Volunteer

If you would like to become a volunteer for the club there are a number of helpful tasks in which you can help the club. For more information please speak to one of the committee or contact us on-line.